Value vs Price & Chickens!

I have, as many of you too have been listening to radio, television or just reading on social media, the incredible fiasco unfolding, that of KFC restaurants running out of chicken and needing to close their doors to customers. The reason behind the non delivery of chicken  seems to be a change of logistics company from Bidvest to DHL, with many KFC outlets needing two to three deliveries weekly to hundreds of KFC outlets across the UK  requires a masterpiece of logistical planning and execution, and if it was working so well with Bidvest previously, why change? I guess the reason to switch supplier was likely to be based upon price.


How does this current high profile story link to bicycle spokes? Well I wanted to use it as a basis for what Alex Warwick Cycles is and what we are not. What we offer and focus upon is adding value, to our products and ultimately to our customers.

We keep raw material in stock ready to finish, so you get exactly what you need very quickly. Very quickly in most cases means next working day.

Whilst we may not be the cheapest, what we offer are quality branded products when you need them. In summary we offer you value.