ULAC Bike Locks

Ulac bike locks

We are excited to announce that the first shipment of ULAC bike locks will be arriving soon! Why? because not only are the locks available in exciting colours, but also a world first!  The TRON XD biometric fingerprint bike lock, how cool is that!


The TRON-XD is operated by your fingerprint, no key needed, several users can be registered with one lock, so for example you could ride your bike to the train station, lock it, ready for a friend arriving on the train. When they arrive, they  unlock it and ride it home. 

Also arriving is the Stockholm lock, which is UK solid secure rated and will be a popular choice for bike riders in higher risk areas.


The five lock models arriving are previewed in the slide show below, full details on our website in the ULAC Locks section.


You can pre-order your locks now!