Alex Warwick cycles

What we offer

We provide a variety of custom made to measure 
bicycle spokes and accessories for your wheel build requirements.
Orders shipped next working day by first class post.
As part of our development, we will select and offer unique cycling products for you.

Our Heritage

My own bicycle history can be traced back to my father's amazing full suspension bicycle designed by Alex Moulton in the 1960's. As an engineer, my father was taken by the engineering marvel that the Moulton bicycle was and still is. 
Amazing Italian bikes such as Colnago and De Rosa in my local cycle shop were my inspiration.
Alex Warwick Cycles originates from co operation with Tiller Cycles, a long established and respected provider of specialist services to the cycling enthusiast.
Alex Warwick Cycles continues to provide custom spoke supplies and components, and offers a warm welcome to Tiller Cycles customers.