06. November 2018
The TRON XD. A World First, A Fingerprint opening bike Lock! Most bike locks need a key, with this lock you just need your finger, how cool is that! The fingerprint lock allows you or others stored on the lock to use it anytime, the fingerprint technology that is often found on mobile phones now in a bike lock. A truly advanced product of innovation and engineering. Battery Life: 2200 openings on a full charge; at least 150 openings on low charge. Emergency Unlocking: in case of low battery or...
08. September 2018
ULAC bike locks arrive shortly including the fingerprint operated TRON-XD shackle lock. A world first!
01. March 2018
We are closed for stock take and normal service resumes 16th March 2018. Sorry of any inconvenience
20. February 2018
I have, as many of you too have been listening to radio, television or just reading on social media, the incredible fiasco unfolding, that of KFC restaurants running out of chicken and needing to close their doors to customers. The reason behind the non delivery of chicken seems to be a change of logistics company from Bidvest to DHL, with many KFC outlets needing two to three deliveries weekly to hundreds of KFC outlets across the UK requires a masterpiece of logistical planning and execution,...
24. June 2017
Well after a lot of dismantling and cleaning, and adjusting the Puch, the mudguards and chainguard needed some extra work. These parts were cleaned and prepared for repainting, paint matched for colour and resprayed. Now they look as good as new. A set of new tyres completed the Puch Elegance bicycle refurbishment. The finished refurbished Puch Elegance out for a test ride, it rode really well on its new tyres, very smooth. Three speed gears working perfectly, its original narrow handlebars and...
01. May 2017
PUCH Elegance refurb begins..
27. April 2017
Is cycling good for you?
26. April 2017
I am also a bike rescue person. People rescue animals of various types so why not bikes? I have rescued several Raleigh Twenty bikes from the metal scrap bin. The most recent Raleigh rescue was given a new lease of life by a delighted young lady from Bristol. My latest rescue in question is a rather well made metallic brown and cream PUCH Elegance, it even sounds rather good “Elegance”. A classic ladies bike with three gears with a dynamo built in to power some lights, rather handy at...
12. April 2017
Today started with my usual commute to work, I am very fortunate to ride along quiet stretches of the Sustrans cycle network. Today I spotted a bike a short distance ahead as I joined the Sustrans section of my ride. A Lycra clad rider, on what looked like new carbon bike ahead of me. Amazingly I was gaining on the rider every time we came to a hilly section, my three speed laden Brompton should be no match for a road bike on the hilly parts? So why? Technique? Fitness? The rider did seem to be...
11. April 2017
Why this blog? Well it all started with an idea from my wonderful work colleague Maggie. She said why don’t you start a cycling blog, lets face it you know something about bikes, so why not write a blog. This was after chatting about all the cyclists I saw this weekend riding bikes they had rescued from a long hibernation in sheds and from under covers and other places. Cleaned up, they rode on their resurrected machines, riding along in threes and fours chatting, wondering why their legs were s