Spoke information

With so many hub and rim combinations available it can be hard to get the correct spoke length for a wheel build, particularly small wheels.

We can produce spokes as short as 40mm and cut in 1mm increments

Spoke sizes we supply are: 12g, 13g, 14g,  or 15g


Contact us if you require anything not listed on this website.


We can supply spokes to match your samples.  Contact us for this service.

Spoke sizes

Spoke Gauge Diameter and millimetre size

15g = 1.8mm

14g = 2.0mm

13g = 2.3mm

12g = 2.60mm

10g = 3.20mm

9g = 3.60mm

8g = 4.00mm

7g = 4.30mm

6g = 4.87mm

5g = 5.15mm

4g = 5.70mm


Measuring spokes

Using a Vernier caliper to measure spoke diameter.


This is a spoke is 13g (2.3mm)

Spoke diameters available are;

15g (1.8mm) 14g (2.0mm) 13g (2.3mm) 12g (2.6mm)

Measuring a J bend spoke on a spoke ruler

Reading the spoke length on the spoke ruler.

This shows a spoke length of 259mm

How to replace a spoke

Spoke length calculation

How do I know the spoke lengths for my wheel build ?

Use a spoke calculator to determine your spoke length. Links for some calculators below.

 SAPIM spoke calculator

DT SWISS spoke calculator

Wheelpro spoke calculator

Spoke calc - spoke calculator & information



To determine spoke lengths, classic method.

If you prefer to use a pencil and paper and your mathematics skills.

Measuring ERD  (effective rim diameter)

Measuring (ERD) Effective Rim Diameter

An essential measurement when determining spoke lengths.

There are many databases containing measurements of popular rim ERDs. These may be correct and accurate however, it is always best to take your own measurements, at least the first time you work with a hub or rim you have not used before. 


ERD is the wheel rim diameter measured at the nipple seats in the rim spoke holes, plus the thickness of the two nipple heads. See the photo above. If you need more information of how to measure why not read the Park Tools article here 


Ebike Spoke information


Ebike wheels with large hub motors mean that regular spoke lacing patterns are not possible as seen on standard bicycle rims.

This means the spoke lacing patterns on ebikes with hub motors are often radial or single cross as seen in the photo. Spoke sizes often used are 12g, 13g plain gauge also Sapim E-Strong a single butted spokes designed for e-bike applications.


The torque from the motor and pedalling, and resulting flex can cause fatigue and wear of the spokes and loosening of the nipples. This results in broken spokes as they become loose.

 Checking an e-bike hub drive wheel for loose spokes can prevent early failure.


Popular E-bike wheel spokes available in custom cut made to measure lengths:

  • 12g (2.6mm) Sapim Leader plain gauge spokes in silver and black 
  • 13g (2.3mm) Sapim Leader & DT Swiss plain gauge spokes in silver and black 
  • Sapim E-Strong 12g / 13g single butted spokes in silver and black  

Building a wheel

If you are planning to build a wheel, the website link below offers advice. 



Plain gauge Spokes

Spokes for use in any type of general purpose or heavy-duty application. They have a constant diameter throughout their length, which makes them slightly heavier than butted spokes. Straight gauge spokes offer a stiffer ride than single or double butted spokes because of their thicker cross section.

Butted spokes

Butted spokes can be identified by a change in diameter between the neck and the body of the spoke.  A thick section and a thinner section.


Single butted spokes such as Sapim strong and E-Strong are heavier than double butted, and are exceptionally robust. Single and double butted spokes can used for similar applications. Single butted spokes with 2.3mm neck diameters are also useful for wheels to be rebuilt with used hubs that have worn mounting holes in the flanges.


Brass spoke washers fit on to the spoke before lacing the wheel if the hub spoke hole diameter is greater than 0.3mm of the spoke diameter. These washers reduce the load change movements that may lead to spoke elbow failure

Spoke Nipples

Spoke nipples

Our 14g spoke prices include silver brass 12mm long nipples 12g & 13g spokes are supplied with 14mm long nipples.

Longer nipples are used on thicker deeper rims.

Spoke nipple diameter sizes can be 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm depending upon the holes in your rim.


“Proloc" nipples have a thread lock incorporated.


Brass spoke Nipples

Brass nipples are durable and offer high strength under extreme tension and in corrosive environments. Brass nipples are available in silver and black finish.

 Available in 12 / 14 / 16mm lengths.

12g, 13g, 14g nipples available in a selection of diameters to suit wheel rim requirements.


Alloy spoke Nipples

Aluminium nipples are ultra-light and offer optimal weight reduction for minimal cost.

We offer Sapim in a variety of colors also , DT Swiss aluminium nipples which  are available in silver finish.


You could save 22grams on a 32 spoke wheel using alloy nipples in comparison to using brass nipples like for like.