Bike Spoke information

Spoke cutting & threading

With so many hub and rim combinations available it can be hard to get the correct spoke length for the wheel build from stock, particularly small wheels. I can produce spokes as short as 25mm and cut in 1mm increments in either 12g, 13g or 14g.

Please contact me if you require anything not listed on this website.


To determine spoke lengths for wheel builds, please use one of the many online tools to determine your requirements such one from D.T Swiss  or Sapim  I can also make replacement spokes cut to sample provided by you.


Breaking spokes ?

We have enquiries from people wanting a few spokes to replace broken ones; more than two broken spokes is a cause for concern if there are no specific reasons for failure (like spokes damaged by chain ) there could be a problem with the spokes, spoke tension, hub spoke hole diameter or a combination of  any or all three, so my advice is to;

  1. Use quality branded spokes, such as Sapim or DT Swiss.
  2. Tension spokes correctly according to hub and rim combination. Spokes that are too loose are likely to fail and break.
  3. Use a spoke washer if the diameter of the hub spoke hole is more than 0.3mm of the spoke diameter.

Measuring a J bend spoke on a spoke ruler

Reading the spoke length on the spoke ruler.

This shows a spoke length of 259mm

Straight Plain gauge Spokes

These are spokes for use in any type of general purpose or heavy-duty application. They have a constant diameter throughout their length, which makes them slightly heavier than butted spokes. Straight gauge spokes offer a stiffer ride than single or double butted spokes because of their thicker cross section.

Butted spokes

These spokes can be identified by a change in diameter between the neck and the body of the spoke. 

Single butted spokes are slightly heavier than double butted, but are also slightly less expensive. Single and double butted spokes are used for similar applications. Single butted spokes with 2.3mm neck diameters are also useful for wheels to be rebuilt with used hubs that have worn mounting holes in the flanges. 

  • We offer single butted spokes


Brass spoke washers fit on to the spoke before lacing the wheel if the hub spoke hole diameter is greater than 0.3mm of the spoke diameter, reducing the load change movements that lead to spoke elbow failure

Spoke nipples

Our 14g spoke prices include silver brass 12mm long nipples 12g & 13g spokes are supplied with 14mm long nipples.

Longer nipples are used on thicker rims.

“Proloc" are nipples with a thread lock incorporated

Our nipples are either Sapim or DT Swiss products

Brass spoke Nipples

Brass nipples are durable and offer high strength under extreme tension and in corrosive environments. Brass nipples are available in silver and black finish.

 Available in 12 / 14 / 16mm lengths.


Alloy spoke Nipples

Aluminium nipples are ultra-light and offer optimal weight reduction for minimal cost.

We offer, DT Swiss' high-precision aluminium nipples which  are available in silver finish and are Swiss made. DT Swiss 14g Silver Alloy nipple 12mm long.


You could save 22grams on a 32 spoke wheel using alloy nipples in comparison to using brass nipples.